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Winter DIY Projects

While the weather outside is frightful, these DIY projects are certainly delightful! To save you from those post-holiday winter blues, Redfin has gathered DIY experts from Atlanta to Bend. Whether you need tips on must-have tools, a fun idea to tackle on a chilly afternoon, or just a good laugh at common DIY mistakes, these handymen and women have got you covered. So, grab your toolbelt, pour yourself a cup of joe, and prepare to be inspired! HomeISD: We love everything that looks unique and gives your decor a personal touch (isn’t that what DIY is all about?). So one...

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Hello, 2020 Design Trends! Goodbye Old News!

We’re well into the new decade and it’s time to review what is in, what’s staying, and what’s out the door in the world of home design. You may be far away from the design portion of your latest renovation, or it may be just around the corner. You may even want to draw inspiration from the newest and hottest trends of 2020. The Theme It’s more than just a theme, it’s a mantra. The influence of recent design is driven heavily by the collective need for something more out of life. Stress from our jobs, the environment and...

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Renovation Return Rates: What To Expect With Your Investment

Home improvement projects are things we do strategically to improve the value and function of our homes. They’re also smaller scale projects we embark on to spice things up, keep us from getting bored. Whatever your reason for choosing to remodel or renovate, the end goal should always included added value. The return rate of your renovation is what you can expect to gain back when your house goes on the market. These are the best return rates for renovations. Kitchen Always and forever the most popular home renovation. It’s a highly used room that places function above anything...

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Mini Makeover: Painting! Tips For Success

Not all home improvement projects have to cost an arm and a leg and take weeks or months to complete. One quick shock to a room’s decorative system is simple; slap a new coat of paint on the walls! It can be done in the span of a weekend, isn’t going to break the bank, and will instantly revivify any old room. Another great thing? You don’t need to hire professional help to get it done. You could, but it’s an extra expense that’s well worth the savings by doing it on your time with your own two hands....

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Love Your Laundry Room: Remodeling Tips For Success

Oh, lordy-loo. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you just how awful and not fun it is to do the laundry. It’s one of those hidden gems of adulthood that make you long for the days of snacks and nap time. It never ends and it’s never going to be any less tedious. But that doesn’t mean your laundry room has to be the Pit of Despair. Granted, it’s incredibly difficult not to feel that way, we’re still going to encourage you to rethink your laundry room and how it can function for you so that it becomes...

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